Historia et ius. Rivista di storia giuridica dell'età medievale e moderna. Numéro 22 Décembre 2022


Article de Dante Fedele

An unpublished consilium by Dionysius de Barigianis (1434-1435) and the Peace between the Varanos of Camerino and Norcia (1421)

SUMMARY: 1. The Varanos’ lordship over Camerino up to the Peace with Norcia (1421) – 2. The war with Norcia and the Peace of 1421 – 3. Dionysius de Barigianis’ consilium (1434-1435) – Appendix: I. Martin V, Littera clausa (Florence, 6 March 1419) – II. Martin V, Littera solemnis (Florence, 2 June 1419) – III. Martin V, Littera solemnis (Rome, 13 March 1421) – IV. Martin V, Littera solemnis (Rome, 14 March 1421) – V. Dionysius de Barigianis, Consilium (1434-1435)

ABSTRACT: This paper examines an unpublished consilium written by the Perugian jurist Dionysius de Barigianis in 1434-1435 which refers to the Peace concluded in March 1421 between the Varanos, lords of Camerino, and the commune of Norcia. Building on the analysis of four papal letters, the paper affords new insights into the conclusion and the contents of the Peace, thereby setting the context for the subsequent discussion of Barigianis’ consilium. The edition of these letters and the consilium is provided in the Appendix.

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